The American Fishing Conservation Summit is an all American fish conservation group based in Texas. The summit will take place in October 1, 2016 and will include companies in the fishing industry from all over the world. The management of fish stocks globally is extremely important in creating a sustainable future. The pollution of waterways is a significant threat to the fish especially in the Mississippi River.

The Summit will include a conference and question and answer session with environmental experts and the CEOs of the largest fishing companies worldwide. We must stop the decline of the fish population in the world.  The key issues that will be discussed will include:

  1. How to fish Sustainable with a Growing Demand for Fish Products
  2. Cost Effective Yet Sustainable Fishing Techniques
  3. Promoting awareness about Fish and Water Safety

Sponsors are required to pay a fee of $10,000 to be featured in our Fishing Conservation Magazine. We are proud supporters and partners of the below organisations:



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Over Fishing

It is estimated that by the year 2050, there will be no fish in the sea.  Fish stocks are decreasing at an alarming rate as most species are being over fished. Fishing with trawlers are causing a lot of other fish stocks to decrease as the large nets do not discriminate between which fish it catches. As the Oceans are complex food chain that we do not understand, changes in its dynamics can cause other consequences that we are unprepared for. For example, whales consume that same species of fish that we eat, if those species are depleted the whale population will dramatically plummet.

Water Quality

We also need to address the issue of water quality in the oceans. There are a few topics that need to be discussed at the summit including the fukushima radiation leak and its effect on the oceans and also the plastic waste that is floating in the sea. Recently we heard about fish eating plastic micro beads from hand moisturising products.The micro beads in beauty products do leak into the Oceans and scientists have seen plastic build up in the tissues of fish and other water creatures.


When we look at issues of over fishing, depleting fish populations and the pollution of our water bodies, we see that it is impossible for fish populations to remain healthy. As a result we need to increase awareness and pressure companies especially those in aquaculture to change their business practises. We must work with local governments to ensure that our oceans are not pillaged and that we ensure there is enough fish in the oceans for future generations.  If you are looking to repair your furnace or air conditioning unit, check out this http://torontofurnace.ca 

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