About Us

On behalf our founding members and the Executive Committee, I would like to welcome you to the American Fishing Conservation Summit!


As we roll out the carpet and bring our group into the public spotlight I think it is important to be up front about who the AFS is:  The AFS is a diverse group of recreational and tournament anglers from all corners of the state who share a common interest in the conservation of three of our state’s greatest game fish.  We are mechanics, metal fabricators, biologists, factory workers, college professors, plumbers, and school teachers.  We are passionate about catfishing as a sport and even more so about protecting the integrity of catfish populations in Indiana.  Our vision is to ensure quality sustainable catfishing opportunities for Indiana’s anglers.  Our mission is to promote the management of Indiana’s catfish resources with scientifically relevant data, to encourage the regulation of commercial fishing practices in Indiana, and grow the sport of catfishing through outreach and increased angling opportunities.


The AFS has been a long time coming!  For decades Hoosier catfish populations have been overlooked by the state’s anglers and our natural resource managers.  Despite decades of research indicating that catfish in Indiana (and in the United States) are among the most preferred species of fish to catch, management of blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish populations has been lacking.  Now, with the increased attack on trophy catfish by commercial fishing operations, paylakes, and unscrupulous anglers, coupled with the invasion of Asian carp in our river systems, it is time to get serious about protecting these Hoosier treasures.


On our site you will find opportunities to network with other catfish anglers and conservationists, ways to get involved with conservation efforts, and scientific research about your favorite species of catfish.  So, whether you fish for blues, flats, or channels, I hope you will join us in our efforts to grow catfishing in Indiana and push for the much needed conservation of these three fabulous game fish!