Poster Session

Monday, August 18, 2014

6:00 PM-8:30 PM

38th Annual Larval Fish Conference

Big Data Science and Its Impacts on Fish Conservation and Management

Commerical Fisheries Management and Policy

Common Challenges and Opportunities for Global Fisheries: An International Perspective

Communities and Ecosystems

Community Ecology and Trophic Interactions of Fishes

Dam Impacts on Fishery Resources

Education and Outreach

Environmental DNA ; A New Tool for Aquatic Conservation and Fisheries Management

Fire Management and Aquatic Systems: Past, Present, and Future

Fish Culture

Fish Ecology

Fish Migration and Ocean Tracking Network

Fishing Gear Selectivity and Selective Fishing: Means, Methods and Implications

Gaining Better Understanding of Resources and Resource Users through the Application of Emerging Technologies


Habitat and Water Quality

Integrated Pest Management Approaches for Combating Aquatic Nuisance Species

International Eel Symposium

Jawless Fishes of the World

Marine Fish Ecology

Marine Mammal and Fisheries Interactions : Management Challenges in a Changing World

Native Fishes and Fish Conservation

Out of Sight, Not out of Mind: Estimating and Reducing Release Mortality in Commercial and Recreational Fisheries

Pelagic Fish Stocks on the Move and in the News: Collapse, Recovery, or Something Else?


Population Dynamics

Practical Applications of Sturgeon Research

Protecting Fish at Cooling Water Intakes: Advancing Science to Support Clean Water Act ยง316(b) Compliance

Recreational Fisheries Management and Policy

River Herring: Towards a Holistic Understanding

Size-Based Models of Aquatic Ecosystems: Theory and Practice – a Symposium in Honour of Rob Peters

Spatial Ecology of Open Systems

Telemetry on the Atlantic Coast: Tagging Locally and Observing Globally

The Next Generation of Fish Stock Assessments

Understanding Fish and Their Ecosystems in Challenging Environments