Pub Crawl

From August 17th at 8:00 a.m. until August 21th at 12:00 p.m. Quebec city offers a wide range of festive establishments to enjoy the last rays of the sun after a long and busy day at the conference! The 2014 edition of the AFS Pub Crawl invites everyone to experience the best selection of microbreweries, wine cellars, a scotch & whiskey house, and live music pub!

The challenge: a week-long rally to get your passport stamped, to experience the finest drinking establishments, and to be the Pub Crawl winner! Regardless of who wins, all participants will bring home the fondest memories of Quebec City! Just follow the map in your passport and enjoy the best evening spots in town during your stay in Quebec City! The passport contains discounts for snacks and drinks for you to savour local tastes and to live thrilling moments.

You will find the passport in your registration bag. Bring your stamped passport to the Information booth any time before Thursday 10:00AM for a chance to win the trophy! A raffle with all fully stamped passports will be held during the morning break. You must be present at the raffle to claim your prize!




La Barberie                                                                           La Korrigane



Pub Nelligan’s


Saint Alexandre Pub

Wine Cellars


Le Moine Échason

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